It’s amazing how many people are unsure how to open their garage door by hand. We’re so used to pushing the button and the door opening…  but when the power is out or there are mechanical issues you need to get the door open.

Here are some simple instructions:

First, make sure there are no people or objects under or near the door because it may drop or rise quickly.

With the garage door fully closed, pull the red release cord down toward the floor. Always take special care whenever you release the garage door operator, especially if the door is not in the fully closed position, since it may slam closed when released. If at all possible do not release the garage door when open, except for an emergency or security purposes and close the door with caution.

Some older operators may not have a red release cord and may need to be released by pulling down a handle or a spring loaded clip. If you do have an older door that is difficult to disconnect and want to replace it with a modern garage door operator, that has an easy pull red release cord contact us on 0161 477 3391
If in doubt, call us for advice.